The dream of this 20-year project is to help the participating families plant 1 million cacao and 1 million cashew trees in their own areas. We expect that the trees will start bearing fruits in 5 years and will increase the disposable income of these families especially for the education of their children. These trees will keep bearing fruits for years and years to come. Later on, the Foundation will facilitate the marketing and processing of these fruits. The Lorma Community Development Foundation, Inc. ¬†is continuously raising seedlings of cacao and cashew in its nursery in San Juan, La Union to be ready for planting by the participating families. With the help of barangay officials, interested families will be identified and trained on how to plant and grow the seedlings successfully to bear fruit in a few years. The Foundation staff with the barangay officials will conduct¬† regular follow-up visits to ensure success of the project. The Foundation has a full-time agriculturist with a motorbike who does the training and follow-up in the participating barangays, with the help of community partners. Regular progress reports will be provided to the donors. These reports will be reflected in the website of the foundation, ( This project if successful will help alleviate poverty in La Union.